COPEDU LTD, is a limited liability company. It is a Microfinance institution that offers savings and credits services for its shareholders and customers. It is registered as a company in Rwanda development Board (RDB) and licenced by the central bank (National Bank of Rwanda)

It was initially called COOPEDU-KIGALI because its activities were only limited to the City of Kigali and the former Province of Kigali Rural.

COOPEDU-KIGALI was initiated by a non profit-making organization known as DUTERIMBERE a.s.b.l on June 15th, 1997. Initially, DUTERIMEBERE a.s.b.l had a small savings and credit program and after its rating, it was the creation of a Cooperative COOPEDU where the assessment of this program showed that the savings and credit services which were initially offered by the non-profit making organization DUTERIMBERE would have been more effective and efficient if they had been offered within an independent cooperative institution and within a savings and credit program owned by a non-profit making organization like DUTERIMBERE a.s.b.l

As a result, the non-profit making organization DUTERIMBERE decided to be the primary promoter of the recommended cooperative, by creating COOPEDU.

In 2005, COOPEDU KIGALI was licensed by National Bank of Rwanda (BNR)

In 2008, COOPEDU KIGALI renewed its activities by computerizing its system

In 2009, COOPEDU KIGALI changed its name to COOPEDU by the decision of its General Assembly which was held in October 2009.

In 2012, the general assembly of December 22 decided to transform the Cooperative COOPEDU as a savings and credits Coperative into a commercial company. There after, a public limited liability company known as COPEDU Ltd is registered under Rwanda Development Board (RDB), at the beginning with 12 996 shareholders (the former coperative’s members). The subscribed share capital of the company was 790 156 800 Rwf divided into 1 975 392 shares valued at 400 Rwf each

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Kicukiro District

P.O.Box 4053 Kigali
Phone: (+250)252 570143/9
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